What we stand for

As a growing trusted global brand, we work closely with customers and partners to ensure secure transportation of drums and barrels on pallets. Industry leaders use Drumclip as the certified solutions in sustainable shipping.

By understanding the challenges of our customers and their processes, we take on their goals to tackle them together.

Together with our customers and partners we make safety a key priority, and work toward sustainable goals. Together. All while helping to make thing run smoothly and safely on site and on the move, in the day-to-day for our customer.

Innovation, prioritizing safety, dedication to problem-solving for our customers and delivering quality. This is what we stand for.

Our main principles

Our mission is to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, working closely with our customers and partners to meet their needs and surpass their expectations.

Achieve your goals in sustainability

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Reduce waste by minimizing the quantities of load securing materials. Added cargo stability and less waste are among the benefits when you adopt Drumclip in your sustainable shipping solutions.

Sustainable though Recycling.

Drumclip works in combination with polyester strapping (PET) for palletizing drums. This certified combination is a highly durable and sustainable method to secure drums for medium and heavy-duty application. Options are available for steel drum and plastic drum cargo.

Recycled and Certified.

Combined with recycled plastic strapping options such as Signode (PET) plastic strapping, Drumclip offers a sustainable and certified solution to secure your drums.

Minimize risk

Mitigate safety risk.

Deliver your high-quality products in good condition, safely and with ease. The save, more sustainable approach to the way you move your drums.

Avoid loss and damage.

With Drumclip your, your drums are secured throughout the distribution chain to prevent damage, spill and loss.

Certificed Safety product.

Working with Drumclip certified safety products is tested and proven to help avoid loss and damage through effective use of Drumclips as part of client’s safety tactics plan in packaging and transportation processes.

Safety first

Safety is our number one priority.

Drumclip will take you there. Safe, smooth and sustainable securing of drums on pallets that you can count on. Ensure your product is delivered at your high-quality standard, with ease and safely to your customer. 

Lightweight and  easy-to-use.

Drumclip is and lightweight and easy-to-use packaging method with gains in terms of reducing handling effort and increasing ergonomics.  

Reduce risk of potential accident.

Drumclip load securing system is the safe way to secure your drums during transport. With the certified solution of Drumclip, you avoid risk of spills and cost of clean-up. Transport your Drums the safe way. Minimize risk and avoid damage during shipping and transportation.

Certified solution

Internationally recognized.

Drumclip is tested and certified by internationally recognized marks of certification. Zie also our certifications for more detailed information.

Meet safety criteria.

The certification and test marks confirm that the products meet specific, defined and safety-relevant criteria. 

Designed by the user. Tried and tested by the experts.

Years of experience and support with industry-specific product tests and certifications confirm that the experts at the test institutes and Notified Bodies know what they are doing.

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