Recap of Drumclip launch in the USA at HDAW24 with our partner Kinedyne

We are thrilled to present our journey and experiences at #HDAW24! Dive into our recap spotlighting the collaborative efforts and dynamic partnership with Kinedyne, our esteemed partner in the U.S. and Canada, and Drumclip, at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week. đź¤ť

Drumclip, our innovative solution for securing drums to pallets, was introduced at Kinedyne Booth 517 during the product expo. The launch is part of our effort to improve transportation safety. Our product demonstrations illustrated Drumclip’s role in safely transporting drums with various contents, emphasizing its utility.

The event proved to be successful, attracting interest and inquiries. Our demonstrations highlighted Drumclip’s effectiveness, leading to meaningful interactions. We enjoyed working closely with both the Kinedyne and Drumclip teams, building a spirit of teamwork. Meeting industry professionals in the U.S. was a valuable experience that underscored our dedication to innovation.

HDAW24 is more than a trade show; it’s a hub for making genuine industry connections. With over 300 suppliers and a vast product expo, it is a key event for industry professionals to network, make deals, and discover new technologies. Our work with Kinedyne showcases their dedication to excellence in cargo control.

This year, from Amsterdam to Texas, the Drumclip team supported Kinedyne to present our solution at this important trade show, creating significant connections and bridging continents with innovation.

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Drumclip - launch drumclip HDAW24

More about Drumclip

Drumclip is the innovative and certified solution to secure your drums to a pallet and trailer. Drumclip allows you safe and efficient transport and store drums containing chemicals, ink, glue or food concentrates. You prevent damage, loss and accidents throughout the distribution chain by securing the drums already at the filling line.

A simple, effective and certified solution that saves you a lot of time and money in the rest of the distribution chain with a minimal investment.

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