The Drumclip makes it easier to secure your drums

The Drumclip makes it easy to secure drums on a pallet, in a trailer or in a container. Drumclip is used to transport drums by road, rail and sea.

Among certified solutions, use of the Drumclip is certified for Pallet Load Stability according to ISTA 3 E and is Transport Safe in compliance with EUMOS 40509 regulations for safe transport.

Drumclip is used to secure drums for certified safe load securing transport by land, in sliding tarpaulin trailers and more. This method is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland for load securing according to DIN EN 12642 Annex B and DIN EN 12195-1:2010.

Technical information Drumclip

Drumclip is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, whereby the basic material is mixed with a red or green dye to give the Drumclip its color.

Each Drumclip has a unique article number and the production date indicated. This production date is important, because all certifications are valid for two years from the production date. Always check this date before using the Drumclip. Have the two years been exceeded? The Drumclips can be returned and reused for other plastic solutions. Thus contributing to circularity.

Drumclip DC18A RED

The DRUMCLIP DC18A RED is designed for tight head UN200-litre drums and should be used exclusively for these drums. You can recognize the tight head drums by a closed top.

Drumclip DC19B GREEN

The DRUMCLIP DC19B GREEN is designed for two types of drums. First, the open head UN200-litre drums, recognizable by an open top, which can be closed with a separate lid and sealing ring. The other type is the 200-litre plastic drum.

Drumclip DC23C ORANGE

The DC23C Orange, is made especially for ISO drums. These drums are designed for export and fit perfectly in a sea container: to find out if DRUMCLIP DC23C ORANGE fits your drum, measure the diameter on the closing ring. It should be around 585 mm.

All Drumclips are designed to secure drums containing e.g., chemicals, ink, glue, food concentrates or other substances to a pallet and trailer, so that the pallet and drums cannot shift during the entire distribution chain. From filling line to delivery at the customer’s premises.

Secure drums fully automatically with DASL

Every supply chain manager would like to have an efficient and safe distribution of goods, whereby all major risks are minimalized. Losing time or potential risks in any stage of the chain should be avoided. The sooner the dangerous and/or valuable cargo is secured, the better. The Drumclip Automatic Strappling Line (DASL) prevents damage, loss, and accidents right from the start of the distribution chain. This fully automatic solution secures the drums to the pallets immediately after the drums are filled at the filling line.

DASL is one of a kind because it automatically adds the Drumclips just before the drums are strapped vertically. This means you do not lose any time in your packaging process and you are sure that your drums full of chemicals, ink, glue or food concentrates are safe and certified transported throughout the distribution chain.

The Drumclip Automatic Strappling Line


Safety is our number one priority. The Drumclip is tested and certified to Local and International Standards for load securing with TÜV Rheinland according to DIN EN 12642 Annex B, for transport in compliance with DIN EN 12195-1:2010, for pallet stability in compliance with ISTA-3 certification, and EUMOS 40509 for cargo safety.

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