Orange is the new Drum Clip!

A few weeks ago we showed you the new orange Drum Clip from a distance in the EUMOS test video. Now we can show you our new Drum Clip in all its glory.

The DC23C Orange is specially made for ISO vessels. These barrels are designed for export and fit perfectly in a shipping container: to find out if DC23 C orange will fit your barrel, measure the diameter on the washer. It should be approximately 585mm.

And there is more to this Drum Clip that is special than just the color.

The DC23C is made from recycled textiles and is in many ways a sustainable solution for safely transporting drums filled with chemicals, fragrances, flavors, additives and more.

Can’t wait and want to know everything about this durable Drum Clip for ISO drums? Please contact us at


More about Drumclip

Drumclip is the innovative and certified solution to secure your drums to a pallet and trailer. Drumclip allows you safe and efficient transport and store drums containing chemicals, ink, glue or food concentrates. You prevent damage, loss and accidents throughout the distribution chain by securing the drums already at the filling line.

A simple, effective and certified solution that saves you a lot of time and money in the rest of the distribution chain with a minimal investment.

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