Safe and certified. How to secure drums to a pallet and trailer

Drumclip as an efficient, effective packaging solution. Using Drumclip in combination with the right strapping solutions ensures waste is kept to a minimum and prevents damage, delay and risk during transit. Request an appointment if you are curious how we can improve your transportation processes.

Before using Drumclips

Store your Drumclips properly

Drumclips must be stored in dry, moderately heated conditions and protected from sunlight and mechanical damage. The tool cannot be dried or stored near fire or in places with elevated temperatures. The temperatures at which the Drumclip can be used is between -10 Degrees Celsius and +50 Degrees Celsius.

Check your Drumclips

Check the Drumclip for any damages. In case the Drumclip has been in contact with chemicals or when it is damaged in a different way, do not use this Drumclip anymore.

Check the production date mentioned on the Drumclip. You cannot use the Drumclip when the production date is more than two years old. My Drumclips are older than 2 years.

How to use Drumclip

6 steps to a certified and safe solution

Follow these 6 simple steps for a certified and safe solution to transport your drums. Do this and the pallets with drums are now certified according to DIN EN 12195-1:2010 of TUV Rheinland.

Step 1 | Four drums on a pallet

Place four UN200-litre drums on a wooden pallet. You can use tight head drums or open head drums. For the 200-litre plastic drums, the procedure is slightly different. We explain this procedure further on this page. Make sure the size and quality of the pallet are sufficient.

Step 2 | Two Drumclips

Place two Drumclips opposite of each other between two drums on the outside of the drums with the wide side of the Drumclip facing outwards.

Step 3 | Horizontal strap

Tighten a strap horizontally in the middle of the drums. You use straps from Signode or Cordstrap for this.

Step 4 | Vertical strap

Tighten a strap vertically over the two Drumclips and under the pallet. You use straps from Signode or Cordstrap for this as well.
Drums are now secured to pallet and certified according to ISTA 3E Pallet Stability and EUMOS 40509

Step 5 | Put them in the trailer

Use a forklift truck to place the pallet(s) with drums in a trailer, with the outer Drumclips exposed on the outside of the trailer. You can place the pallets in single or double rows. Make sure the pallets are placed on non-slip mats with a minimum resistance of 0.6 Mu.

Step 6 | Secure load to trailer

Use a tension strap with a minimum StF value of 350 DaN for a double row of drums.
Place the strap across the drums and Drumclips, so that the strap is between the strap guides of the Drumclip.
Make sure the strap is not twisted. The tension strap should be placed on both sides of the vehicle under the horizontal strap that is secured in Step 3.
Attach the strap hooks to the anchor points and secure the pallets to the vehicle using an ergo ratchet.

Manuals, instructions and videos

Download our manuals and instructions here.

The user manual serves as a guide for professional use of the Drumclip as a load securing tool.

In this manual you will find detailed product information, certifications and related reports. Find everything you need for the correct use of the Drumclip.

It is also possible to watch our instruction videos on YouTube


Instructions Drumclip Red

Instructions Drumclip Orange

Drumclip for Cargo Securement

Guidelines for USA and Canada

Drumclip is a patented tool for securing drums on pallets, in trailers and in containers during transport. Drumclip has been established in the Netherlands and earned a European Certification from TÜV (Germany).  Drumclip is a product in accordance with European Standards for transportation and recognized for its thoroughness, safety and effectiveness in cargo securement.

The product is also suitable and in line with North-American, Canadian and Mexican guidelines. Additional compliance with local regulations remain at all times the user’s responsibility. In the US and Canada, Drumclip complies with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, ensuring that cargo is secured to prevent shifting or falling from commercial vehicles in interstate commerce.

U.S. Cargo Securement Rules and AAR Intermodal Loding Guide:

  • U.S. regulations do not require adherence to European standards but focus on safe and effective load securement.
  • Drumclip is included in the Intermodal Loading issued by the American Association for Railroads, as of January 2024
The Drumclip has a manual, designed as a guide for anyone who is professionally working with the Drumclip and describes relevant information about the product

Compliance requirements for a certified solution

Compliance with the TÜV Rheinland, ISTA 3E Pallet Stability and EUMOS 40509 certifications have been achieved in combination with strapping materials from our partners Signode and Cordstrap.

To meet the strict certification requirements required, materials must be used from one of these 2 strapping manufacturers mentioned.

The following materials should be used:

  • Two Signode Tenax T2220 Polyester straps in combination with Signode BXT3-19 strapping machine to tighten the straps.
  • Two Cordstrap CC65 straps and two CB6S buckles in combination with Cordstrap CT25 or CTT25 manual tensioner to tighten the straps.
  • Anit-slip mats with minimum friction resistance of 0.6 Mu for under each pallet.
  • Lashing strap (50mm LC=2.500 daN) to tighten the pallets with drums to the trailer.


Safety is our number one priority. The Drumclip is tested and certified to Local and International Standards for load securing with TÜV Rheinland according to DIN EN 12642 Annex B, for transport in compliance with DIN EN 12195-1:2010, for pallet stability in compliance with ISTA-3 certification, and EUMOS 40509 for cargo safety.

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