Drumclip is exhibited by the PowTex exhibition in Osaka, Japan!

Drumclip is proud to be exhibited by Horitomi at the PowTex exhibition in Osaka, Japan!

Drumclip is the perfect tool to secure drums on pallets. Both plastic pallets and wooden pallets alike.

Interested in Drumclip after your visit? Do you want to know more about Drumclip? Feel free to reach out

If are you located in the APAC region, please contact Andreas Shih, our official Drumclip Distributor for Asia and the Pacific.

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More about Drumclip

Drumclip is the innovative and certified solution to secure your drums to a pallet and trailer. Drumclip allows you safe and efficient transport and store drums containing chemicals, ink, glue or food concentrates. You prevent damage, loss and accidents throughout the distribution chain by securing the drums already at the filling line.

A simple, effective and certified solution that saves you a lot of time and money in the rest of the distribution chain with a minimal investment.

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