Your drums secured with the rock-solid method for safety

With Drumclip, your drums are secured throughout the distribution chain to prevent damage and loss. 

The Drumclip solution

Drumclip is the innovative and certified solution to secure your drums to a pallet and trailer. Drumclip allows you safe and efficient transport and store drums containing chemicals, ink, glue or food concentrates. You prevent damage, loss and accidents throughout the distribution chain by securing the drums already at the filling line.

A simple, effective and certified solution that saves you a lot of time and money in the rest of the distribution chain with a minimal investment.


As a growing trusted global brand, we work closely with customers and partners to ensure secure transportation of drums and barrels on pallets. Industry leaders use Drumclip as the certified solutions in sustainable shipping.


Drumclip news

Recap LogiMat India | Andy is available for Drumclip Demos, Trianings and inquiries in Asia and Pacific Region.

We’re thrilled to share our success at the recent LogiMat tradeshow in Delhi, India! 

Drumclip was honoured to receive the Innovation Award for our practical approach to cargo security. 

As we celebrate this achievement, we invite all our valued customers and partners to connect with Andy, our trusted distributor for the Asia Pacific region. Andy is here to provide personalized trainings, demos, and answer any inquiries about integrating Drumclip into your operations. 

Drumclip - LogiMat India

The DRUMCLIP is an innovative tool that makes it safer and easier to secure head drums to a pallet and/or trailer, without the use of additional pallets or other equipment.

The DRUMCLIP DC18A RED is designed for tight head UN200-litre drums and should be used exclusively for these drums. You can recognize the tight head drums by a closed top.

The DRUMCLIP DC19B GREEN is designed for two types of drums. First, the open head UN200-litre drums, recognizable by an open top, which can be closed with a separate lid and sealing ring. The other type is the 200-litre plastic drum.

The DC23C Orange, is made especially for ISO drums. These drums are designed for export and fit perfectly in a sea container: to find out if DRUMCLIP DC23C ORANGE fits your drum, measure the diameter on the closing ring. It should be around 585 mm.

The Drumclip Automatic Strappling Line (DASL) prevents damage, loss, and accidents right from the start of the distribution chain. This fully automatic solution secures the drums to the pallets immediately after the drums are filled at the filling line.

Certified, safe and patented solution

Safety comes first. That is why Drumclip has been extensively tested for function and safety by TÜV Rheiland, ISTA and EUMOS. In all three cases Drumclip is certified.

Drumclip is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland according to DIN EN 12642 Annex B for the guidelines for load securing and DIN EN 1219501 for transport.Drumclip is also certified according to ISTA 3E Pallet Stability and EUMOS 40509.

Besides safety and certification, Drumclip is patented as well.  

Our mission

“We are a Dutch company with a clear, relatable mission: to create and deliver practical solutions through our innovative patented products of exceptional performance and reliability that solve the problems of our clients on their day- to-day.

Since our inception in 2018, our diverse team has developed smart, user-friendly products that have assisted customers across the supply chain to meet their sustainability goals while ensuring worker safety.

As we expand our global presence across 23+ countries, we remain grounded in our commitment to deliver high-quality solutions that bridge the gap between business leaders and everyday people, fostering a greener, safer value chain in palletized drums on the move, by road, rail and sea transport.”

What we stand for

At Drumclip, our Dutch roots and commitment to sustainable innovation drive us to create eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions to transport drums. Innovative and down-to-earth we have designed with the operator in mind. Keeping them and the cargo they work with safe. 

Our reusable, certified product line is designed for efficiency, accommodating various cargo types such as steel, tight head drums and plastic drums.

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